Barton Moss - locking on top of lorries (Day 48/13 Jan 2014)

A human blockade at the end of Moss Lane has left a convoy of tankers backed up onto the A57.

Protectors have swarmed the vehicles and climbed on top. Come down to support and stop fracking at Barton Moss.

Anti-fracking defendants found not guilty as movement grows

10th Jan 2014 via Corporate Watch Eleven anti-fracking campaigners have been found not guilty after a three day trial at Brighton Magistrate's Court.

Balcombe Protectors Acquitted

09 January 2014 People celebrate outside Brighton Magistrates Court after Balcombe protectors acquitted on all charges as a resul

2nd day of lock-ons at fracking site in Salford



after a few hours the car was entered by police, lock-on removed and car towed. 


Two people have locked-on inside a locked immobilised car at Barton Moss, stopping the truck convoy which includes drill bits and chemicals. 

Barton Moss lock-on delays trucks by 4 hours

6th January 2014

Three people lock themselves to each other and concrete-filled barrels and delay trucks entering the site by four hours. Bravo! 

Campaigner superglues herself to iGas Salford site (& new Barton Moss events Calendar)

2nd December 2013


A campaigner dressed as Where's Wally superglued herself to the entrance gates of the IGas drilling site at Barton Moss today to delay trucks trying to leave the plant.

Barton Moss Day 22: Wed 18 December

Big Orange Bus and police

Big Bus Blockade

Another unexpected arrival. A big orange bus appears to have mysteriously broken down, blocking the entrance to the fracking site. What next?

Barton Moss fracking protest continue

Day 17: Fri 13th December

A big day of resistance from the Barton Moss Protection Camp against IGas’ drilling plans.  Around 12 drilling trucks were delayed entering the site for 2 hours under a heavy police escort.  Three people were arrested, including a pregnant women and elderly lady.  Police were widely condemned on social media for their hea

Fracking test site in Greater Manchester blockaded with giant wind turbine blade

Fracking test site in Greater Manchester blockaded with giant wind turbine blade


Romania Update: Protests Continue as Chevron Restarts Fracking Exploration

pungesti-tvr-1 9th December  Protests against Chevron’s activity in Silistea – Pungesti, northeastern Romanian, area escalated on Saturday, December 6, triggering the American oil and

Direct Action Gets the Goods: Chevron Suspends in Romania

31 8th December 

Chevron has suspended exploration for shale gas in northeastern Romania after hundreds of anti-fracking protesters tore down fences.