Reclaim the Earth Centre at Doncaster - People needed for planned occupation

The Earth Centre in Doncaster has been left to ruin for 5 years. We intend to take it back. This site now owned by the council was developed to be a sustainable living education centre and community farm. It is currently being used as a firing range by weapon enthusiasts Cerberus Airsoft.

Banamex bank branch bombed and two HSBC ATMs burned

Once again we have shown who our enemies are; it was in the early morning around 2:00am today that our cell decided to join the battle for the dissolution of civilization. An explosive device was placed in a Banamex branch, located in the southwest of Mexico City, in the Milpa Alta borough... Eco-anarchists went out to fight against evil capitalism during the early morning hours of September 17, with rage and conviction. We turned to one of the many banks that are destroying the planet and causing famine in the poorest countries; shaking their damn egos, we decided to sabotage two ATMs and set them on fire, leaving a clear message 'Murdering Capitalism.'

Land and Forest Occpation started in Lapland (Finland)

On the 26th of August an international occupationcamp has been started in Finnish Lapland, due to the planning of uranium mining and the planning of a new nuclear plant. Locals and participants from the climate camp finland, decided to combine powers and try to preserve the lappish nature and way of life.

Forest in Finland

A forest in Finland threatend to be clearcut because of Nuclear Mining, a Nuclear wast dump and a new Nuclear power plant.

Climate protesters scale Carbon Exchange

27th August 2009
Climate change protesters have scaled a building in the City to highlight their opposition to carbon trading.