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Manchester Plane Stupid Breach Airside Security in Airport Protest

Update: Ten people from the Tripod part of the action were arrested on Monday morning around 11am - having been there since 6.30am.

Giant Elephant attacks Manchester Council meeting

…...well sort of. New councillors were reminded yesterday that Manchester Airport is still the 'elephant in the room' when it comes to the local Climate Change Action Plan – since the Council have refused to include the flight emissions from the Airport in their carbon reduction targets.

Plane Stupid targets Red Bullshit

Environmental campaign group, Plane Stupid, has deposited a large mound of manure outside the south London HQ of soft drink giant Red Bull.

Massive “Climate Action Now” Banner unfurled

Climate Action Now Banner: Deployed on SFPR construction site in Delta, BC, Canada

April 25, 2010

Massive “Climate Action Now” Banner unfurled

DELTA, BC, CANADA - GatewaySucks.org and the Council of Canadians (Delta/Richmond chapter) unfurled a massive banner today that reads "CLIMATE ACTION NOW" on land slated for freeway construction.

Climate Action Now!

Climate Action Now banner deployed on South Fraser Perimeter Road construction site in Delta, BC, Canada. from http://www.gatewaysucks.org

Bath Bomb 29 Out Now


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Issue #29
Apr '10

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Hard Pressed To Avoid ‘Em

As mentioned back in the apparently nigh-oracular Bath Bomb #11, Tesco have finally admitted their schemes for the old Bath Press site on Lower