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"'For me solidarity is a constant proposal to struggle, is the continuation and the development of the revolutionary action for which the comrade was captured' - Gerasimos Tsakalos, Conspiracy Cells of Fire

Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid - ELF actions in Moscow region of Russia

Do You Remember Fairmile?

Join the Silent Victories Bike Ride.

Silent Victories is a free 10 day long bike ride around the South West of England from the 1st -10th July that will visit places saved by direct action and analyse wider political questions around what makes social change.

The Camp at the End of the Runway, Manchester, 27-29 May

Friday 27 May, 5.30pm to Sunday 29 May at 8.30pm
The Woods, Near Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is planning to press ahead with its expansion plans, demolishing local homes and green spaces, and doubling air freight capacity. Come and spend a weekend in the woods, getting to know the area and local residents, and learning more about the campaign against expansion.

Season of the Climate Trials

9am, 22nd November
Outside Nottingham Crown Court

ZAD, the story so far...

4 November 2010

A community fights on against the invasion of the bulldozer empire....

And as the empire grows, the community must also grow, and look for those to join the fight....

Trashing, dashing, bashing, mashing: the new EF! Action Update

So what have you been up to the last few months? Just hanging around?
Maybe you've been part of human wheel-clamping aeroplanes, climbing up scaffolding tripods inconveniently placed in the road, smashing machines at open-cast mines, playing nuked-dead in the street, kayaking against borehole drill rigs in Ireland, burning mobile phone masts, resisting Tesco, camping against trashing of woodland, with some success at Titnore (& other protest camp updates), or getting in on BP's act, spilling oil in public places.

Or have you been on holiday, taking part in indigenous blockades against logging, dams and mining, spilunking against high speed trains, slashing tuna cages, blockading Monsanto HQ, trashing GM fields, and more?

Russian Activists set up Barricade, then Camp Out As Battle For Khimki Forest Heats Up

July 17, 2010
Environmentalists opposed to plans to raze a Khimki forest to make way for an $8 billion highway raised a barricade to keep out loggers Monday, Interfax reported.

Just Do It: Get Off Your Arse and Change the World

An affinity group meeting during the 2009 Great Climate Swoop at e.on's Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal fired powerstation: Photo by Rob Logan
Documentary following the fortunes of environmental activists in 2009 launches innovative crowd-funding appeal


Bath Bomb #30 Out Now


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Issue #30


June '10

"Fucking Laws at your expense"

Electile Dysfunction