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Sleazyjet and Fryinair Take on BIA

Wings 1Wings 2Climate Camp Pedal Express to Leave Bristol Sat. 10am fountains

We’re on our way to Heathrow climate camp cycling 130 miles from Bristol to London. Today- the 10th of August we held a tremendously successful demonstration outside BIA. As you can see, Sleazyjet and Fryin’air gave BIA officials a run for their money, with over 12 interviews by local media throughout the day. Many people hooted their support including a DHL fuel tanker driver. A BIA airport bus driver even stopped his bus in the middle of the roundabout and gave us a bag of fruit. Then the hot air balloons of Bristol were rising as we rode back into town, excited about our Saturday send off from the fountains in the cenrtre of Bristol. HEAThrow here we come!

New Earth First Action Update OUT NOW!

EF! AU logo 1The printed EF! Action Update is back again! After a bit of a lull a new editorial collective is in place and ready to roll. We have just produced a summer edition in time for the Camp for Climate Action, where you can pick up printed copies.

BAA climate camp Injunction: What's Happened At Court & legal briefing

BAA injunction gagsJudge's reading (reports from first two days below) -

Delivering her ruling in a 90-speech this morning, Mrs. Justice Swift struck out most of BAA's application, pointing out that much of their evidence was based on news reports and web sites, and ruling that, as there is a "divergence of interest" within the groups named, [with the exception of Plane Stupid], they should not be targeted.

NATO Defeated by EarthFirst! in the Netherlands

For two years GroenFront! - Dutch & Belgian EarthFirst! - have been fighting with the local community in Schinveld, in the southeast of the country, to preserve a forest that would be destroyed for the sake of the NATO airforce base across the German border. A direct action camp was evicted in January, and 15 acres were destroyed, but 35 acres saved. GroenFront! was preparing to reoccupy the woods awating the final outcome of a legal battle between the local council and national government, but now to great surprise, the protestors have been vindicated and the forests are definitely saved from NATO's bloody claws. On July 18th the Dutch highest administrative court ruled that the logging of Schiveld forest is illegal. This means the ministry of defence cannot continue the logging of the forest as requested by NATO, it also means the logging of the first six hectares in January 2006 was illegal. The forest would need to be destroyed to allow AWACS radar planes to lift off with more fuel in order to fly directly to Afghanistan and Iraq.

West London residents halt traffic outside DfT Headquarters

Heathrow DfT protest 1
Heathrow DfT protest 2Heathrow DfT protest 3Heathrow DfT protest 4Heathrow DfT protest 520.06.2007
West London residents protesting about plans to expand Heathrow dramatically stopped traffic this morning outside the Department for Transport (DfT) offices in Central London before attempting an invasion of the building.

Greenpeace gives away free train tickets at airports across the UK

Climate ticket exchange @ airport19 June 2007.

UPDATE (9.25am): The booths have now all been moved by security.

Over the past hour or so, impromptu ticket exchange booths have been appearing in airports across the UK.

Climate activists glued to doors at airport

East Midlands Airport glue action 116.06.2007

Climate campaigners this afternoon glued themselves to the doors of the short-haul East Midlands airport to draw attention to the environmental impacts of flying as part of a European day of action on short-haul flights called by pressure group Airport Watch.