animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Tension mounts as Brazilian Indians retake land

27 May 2011
A community of Guarani Indians in Brazil has retaken part of its ancestral land in an act of desperation, having lived by the side of a highway for a year and a half.

The Guarani marched back to their land last week, unwilling further to endure the appalling living conditions they have been subject to on the roadside.

Bath Bomb #33 Out Now!


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Issue #33
September 2010

"More rusty barbed wire than cutting edge"


The First Cut Is The Deepest

Whilst we've never claimed to be the cutting edge of journalism, the Bath Bomb has become privy to a series of unpleasant plans from councils in the southwest:

Tens of thousands of mink released in Greece

"26.08.2010 - Heliodendro, Kastoria (Greece)
One of the biggest greek mink farms has been hit in our first night of action. All the cages imprisoning animals in 37 sheds of the farm were opened and machinery sabotaged.

Trashing, dashing, bashing, mashing: the new EF! Action Update

So what have you been up to the last few months? Just hanging around?
Maybe you've been part of human wheel-clamping aeroplanes, climbing up scaffolding tripods inconveniently placed in the road, smashing machines at open-cast mines, playing nuked-dead in the street, kayaking against borehole drill rigs in Ireland, burning mobile phone masts, resisting Tesco, camping against trashing of woodland, with some success at Titnore (& other protest camp updates), or getting in on BP's act, spilling oil in public places.

Or have you been on holiday, taking part in indigenous blockades against logging, dams and mining, spilunking against high speed trains, slashing tuna cages, blockading Monsanto HQ, trashing GM fields, and more?

Bath Bomb #31 Out Now

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Issue #31
July 2010
'Where news goes to die'

George's Marvellous Medicine!

Steve Irwin Attacked in Libyan Waters

Steve Irwin Rammed by Bluefin Fishery Vessel;
Sea Shepherd Crew Repel Violent Assault by Fishermen;
Libyan Navy in Pursuit of the Steve Irwin

Area for Slaughterhouse squatted

In the early morning of May 24th, around 30 independent activists have
sqatted a field in Wietze near Celle / Hannover where europe's biggest
chicken-slaughterhouse (2,5 Million / week) shall be built.

They've put up a tripod and a concrete-barrel with chains to avoid an easy
eviction. The situation is great, the owner's don't have a consensus, the

People Needed to Stop the Slaughter - Save the Welsh Badgers

The Welsh Assembly Government is planning to slaughter thousands of badgers, in South West Wales,over the next five years as part of their "plan" to eradicate bovine TB. This despite all the evidence from previous culls that badgers do not contribute to the spread of the disease.

Get directly involved in stopping the Welsh Assembly Government's illegal and immoral slaughter of Welsh badgers.