animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation


"In Norfolk UK on the 26th of August 2012 a cruel factory farm breeding ducks for meat in which they were fed on growth exhilarating chemicals and have no access to water for swimming and living in their natural way, had it's fence cut open, doors smashed in and 123 prisoners freed and sent to loving temporary homes, soon to be freed back into the wild.

The Whalers Head Home!

March 8 2012

The Japanese Whaling Fleet Leaves the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

Operation Divine Wind is over! The Japanese whalers are going home!

Eureka! The Whaling Fleet Has Been Found and Shut Down!

Captain Paul Watson received a Sat phone call from Captain Peter Hammarstedt, on the Bob Barker, at 2200 Hours (AEST) on March 5th.

“Eureka, Paul, we have the Nisshin Maru in our sights!”

Sea Shepherd Ploy Leaves Two Frustrated Japanese Whaling Captains Looking Silly at Sea


Since February 22nd, The Sea Shepherd ship, Steve Irwin, has led a Japanese harpoon vessel and the Japanese whaling fleet security vessel on a merry wild goose chase away from the Japanese whaling fleet.

Sea Shepherd Chases the Japanese Whalers into Yesterday

22nd January 2012

The Japanese whaling fleet are not where they should be this time of year.

Last year the fleet was operating in the Ross Sea. This year their “scientific survey” was supposed to take place in the waters south and west of Tasmania, east and south of South Africa.

Three Sea Shepherd Crew Injured in Skirmish with Japanese Harpoon Vessel

January 18th, 2012

The Japanese whalers have escalated their aggression by throwing iron grappling hooks at Sea Shepherd boats.

Two Steve Irwin crew were struck in the shoulder with iron grappling hooks and one crewmember was struck twice in the face with a long bamboo pole.

Whale Wars Victory – Activists to be Released


An unscheduled meeting between Japan’s whalers and environmental activists on the high seas seems an unlikely backdrop to an outbreak of détente.

Sea Shepherd Dancing Dangerously With the Outlaw Whaling Fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

11 January 2012

The nautical chess pieces continue to move and the board keeps changing in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Sea Shepherd Intercepts the Japanese Whaling Fleet with Drones


Japanese Security Ships Move In On the Steve Irwin

The Sea Shepherd crew has intercepted the Japanese whaling fleet on Christmas Day, a thousand miles north of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Mc-hammer time

In the early hours of Tuesday morning (27/09/11) McDonalds drive thru in Bedminster was visited and thoroughly smashed, with all it's windows attacked.

Fuck Mcdonalds and the death culture they perpetuate and symbolise globally, which means: