animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Primate Products Inc. Facility Closes Down after Smash HLS Campaign

Gary Serignese, Executive Director of South Florida Smash HLS, leads a demonstration outside Primate Products, Inc

Animal Activists Destroy Years of Research in Italy

Activists occupy and barricade themselves on the fourth floor of a Pharmacology Dept of a vivisection lab in Milano (Italy).

Harvard Announces Closure of Primate Research Center April 24th

Harvard Medical School has issued a statement announcing that the New England Primate Research Center will be closing within 24 months. Harvard’s New England Primate Research Center has been embroiled in an ongoing controversy following the negligent deaths of at least 4 primates.

Japan Confirms Sea Shepherd Success in the Southern Ocean

Full Antarctic fleet photo: Sea Shepherd Australia/Eliza MuirheadFull Antarctic fleet photo: Sea Shepherd Australia/Eliza Muirhead

Operation Zero Tolerance has been Sea Shepherd’s most effective campaign to date.

The Japanese Institute for Cetacean Research, the front organisation for Japanese illegal whaling activities has released their kill records for 2012/

Whaling fleet in chaos as scattered Japanese poachers abandon harpoon ship dangerously low on fuel.

Sun Laurel - Panamanian-registered, South Korean owned refuelling vessel for the Japanese whaling fleet photo: Billy Danger MELBOURNE, Australia  — An anonymous source within Korea has reported that the Japanese whaling fleet is in total disarray, with Sea Shepherd Australia’s ship the SSS Sam Simo

Sea Shepherd Activists Make January a “No Kill” Month

The month of January, usually the prime whale catching month for the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, has come and gone without the death of a single whale, says Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Australia Director Jeff Hansen.

ALF/ELF sabotage road construction at Combe Haven

reported anonymously:

"Combe Haven. 7th-8th January 2013.

Acting in solidarity with the campaign against the Bexhill-Hastings link road, activists sabotaged contractors attempts to force local wildlife to migrate away from the site of the proposed road.


"Over 50 partridges were boxed up from a breeding facility and taken to a public wildlife reserve where shooting is banned. Their release was quick and they all flew off into the night.

Until all are free! - Animal-Liberation-Front"


"ALF break into factory farm and liberate 7 Aylesbury ducks who had no access to water. All have gone to good homes.

Until every cage is empty,

The Animal Liberation Front"