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Stop Huntingdon Day of Action

HLS march 2
HLS march 1


Well here we were 100 strong and about to march right through the City of London. What timing as well with Huntingdon being kicked off the Pink Sheets the day before, you can always count on HLS to rise to the big occasion.

Vicious attack by hunt staff and supporters leaves two hunt saboteurs in hospital

For immediate release 18th March 2006

A 999 call had to be made for emergency medical help today after hunt saboteurs were viciously attacked by both hunt staff and supporters of the Cotswold Vale Farmers hunt. Two saboteurs were taken to hospital, one with suspected broken ribs and severe concussion, the other with a suspected broken cheekbone and concussion. The hunt, which met at Sandhurst near Gloucester (Gloucestershire) had been been illegally hunting all day and saboteurs were present to collect evidence and also to intervene if necessary to prevent a kill. Police are currently taking statements in order to investigate the assaults.

McDonalds driven out of Newcastle

McDonalds tried to film their latest ad campaign in Newcastle, but found themselves besieged by fat clowns and others determined not to let them use Newcastle as part of their brand. Shooting was gloriously interrupted in town, and they were completely prevented from filming on the Quayside.

ELF / ALF Crackdown in US Continues: Rod Coronado indicted for 2003 teach-in

Details are sketchy, but a federal indictment was handed down by a Federal Grand Jury in San Diego charging Rod with "teaching and demonstrating the making of a destructive device" before a crowded room at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center in Hillcrest on Aug. 1, 2003, one day after an arson at the University Towne Center apartment complex under construction in San Diego.

Animal Rights Update, West of England and South Wales


Welcome to the first digest of the Western Animal Rights Network, a group set up to help coordinate action for animal liberation across the West. We're sorry if you've already received something similar to this, we have now updated our mailing list for all those who haven't got the news.

Sea Shepherd ship held in South Africa: Payback begins

Farley Mowat 2

After seven weeks at sea opposing the Japanese whale killing, the Sea Shepherd flagship, 'Farley Mowat', arrived at Cape Town on Tuesday, 24th of January.

new umbrella animal rights group for West of England & South Wales

A new animal rights group has been launched to take action for animal liberation. The Western Animal Rights Network (WARN) will act as an umbrella group for local grassroots animal rights groups in the West of England and South Wales.

2 more arrests and direct evidence of FBI infilitration of activist meetings around US

2 more arrests and direct evidence of FBI infilitration of activist meetings around US

The FBI's witch hunt against US activists continues, with two more charged with arson in the last 36 hours, both from Oregon state. Jonathon Paul, 39, of Ashland and Suzanne Nicole "India" Savoie, 28, of Appelgate were both indicted for their alleged involvement in a 2001 firebombing at the offices of a Superior Lumber Mill in Glendale, OR, an action claimed by the Earth Liberation Front. These latest arrests bring the total indictments in the past month on ELF and/or ALF charges to 11 -- all are likely to face 20 years to life in prison.

US EF! organizers' conference & winter rendezvous, 15th Feb on: update; international invite; discussion on Do or Die article

EF! no compromise US logo

Additional info to that on

International Invite:
South Florida is an accessible location for international travel, and is a social hotspot of current global commerce and politics. For several years, the globalization movement has influenced (and been influenced by) EF! But rarely has it been possible to dialogue with eco-radicals in other parts of the world, especially the majority world movements who have been inspiring direct action efforts within the U.S. empire. For these reasons, the invitation is being put out to help bring folks from other countries’ radical environmental movements and indigenous struggles here for the OC and Winter Rendezvous (this means visa assistance and some extra fundraising, so if you can be

Harpoon line dumps Greenpeace activist in Antarctic waters

Anti-whaling inflatable

Canadian Greenpeace whaling activist, Texas Joe Constantine, was dragged overboard into the freezing Antarctic waters after the whaling harpoon was fired over his inflatable and the harpoon rope became entangled in the craft. Constantine spent a few minutes in the water in his survival suit, before his compatriots could manouver their craft to pick him up. The harpoon killed the whale almost instantly after a chase lasting an hour.

Oxford anti-vivisection demo + important AR info

SPEAK demo banner

report back from the SPEAK demo in Oxford against the £20 million vivisection lab under construction.

Hundreds of campaigners took to the streets of Oxford earlier today to protest the construction of an animal torture lab bein built by Oxford Uni. Halfway throuh the march, and out of sight of the public, the police changed the agreed route of the march and penned us in 50 meters away from the lab. After some pushing and shoving, in which the cops shoved an old woman to the ground, and we nearly broke throuh on several occasions, protestors trashed a police fence and found a side route to the lab, not making it there, but giving the cops a good run around! We were then slowly escorted back to the start point of the demo, where most of us were forbidden from attending the after demo chill out.