animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Sea Shepherd Hostages Return Back to Steve Irwin - Lack of Cooperation May Kill the Whales

Sea Shepherd hostages returnJapanese Poachers Release Sea Shepherd Hostages

Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane were transferred from the Yushin Maru No. 2 to the Australian Customs vessel Oceanic Viking early in the morning at 0200 Hours Melbourne time (1300 Hours GMT). The two men were transferred to the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin at 0930 Hours Melbourne time (2030 Hours GMT).

Whalers Hand Activists Over To Australia's Ship

Operation Migaloo (Sea Shepherd)
Steve Irwin Sea Shepherd boat & helicopter
17th January: the activists -- Australian Benjamin Potts, 28, and Briton Giles Lane, 35 -- were detained Tuesday after boarding the harpoon ship to protest Japan's whaling programme. They were handed over to Austrialia's 'Ocean Viking' earlier today.

Anti-whaling hostages - update & solidarity demo reports: Berlin, London, Barcelona, New York, Washington DC

Yushin Maru 2 whaler17/1/2008
Sea Shepherd Shuts Down Antarctic Whale Hunt
The Japanese hunt for endangered whales in the Southern Oceans Whale Sanctuary has been shut down.

Japanese whalers take Sea Shepherds hostage (incl. Brit) - demo, L'don, 16 January; email addresses; release demands; videos

Sea Shepherd Hostages15.01.2008 - [latest update at bottom]
In what has been an unpredictably dramatic day for the campaign against whaling in Antarctica, the crew of a Japanese harpoon gunboat have seized Australian and British crew mebers of the Sea Shepherd vessel, Steve Irwin.

129 rabbits liberated from lab breeder

Lincolnshire rabbits liberated 1Lincolnshire rabbits liberated 2It has been reported that on the 6th January 2008, 129 rabbits were liberated from a lab breeder in Lincolnshire. This breeder supply HLS, as well as several UK universities. The photo's show the cramped, unclean conditions of this hell hole - would we expect anything else?