animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

ARRESTED & CHARGED McLibel Protester!

Cambridge McDonaldsEarth hamburgurizedOn the 21st June 08, as part of the anniversary of the now famous 1997 McLibel court case in which two campaigners were sued by the McDonalds Corporation for distributing a leaflet critical of the company, camp


FIGHT SPECIESISM! #2 The second issue has expanded from 6 to 10 pages because of the quantity of news and analysis that has been published since the first edition.

ALF target farming union offices over badger cull

"No badger cull" ALFThe Animal Liberation Front (ALF) have sabotaged farming union offices in protest against the Welsh assembly's decision to cull badgers, who are accused of spreading bovine TB, despite dairy cattle raised on intensive farms being the culprits.

Redecorated: McDonalds for Sean Kirtley & SUVs for Jeff Luers

"McDonalds in South Yorkshire had their toilets redecorated with 'Free Sean Kirtley' posters and 'McDonalds=McMurder' (Sheffield & Barnsley restaurants)

Till all are free..

PS: Some SUVs at a garage on Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, needed their paintwork redoing after a little redecoration in Jeff Luers!"

Whaling protester scales embassy - court update

Japanese Embassy whaling climber protest4 June 2008 update (main story below):
Conditional discharge of four months and ordered to pay £100 costs after being convicted of trespass.

Wyness told the court staff at the embassy had given him permission to protest outside the building.


The first issue features: occupations in Paris, Antispe vs. Novartis, news from the UK frontlines, the Sequani Six trial, SHAC watch and more.

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Fight Speciesism! is the new newsletter from Antispe Britain.

Bite Back Magazine #13 - Out Now!

Bite Back Magazine #13 - Out Now!: News from the frontlinesIssue no. 13 features essays by Lauren Gazolla and Peter Young, a review of over 10 years of worldwide fur farm raids, a look back at 2007, news, prisoner letters, action reports from around the world and much more! 36 pages.

ALF Foie gras actions (2007 - 2008)

There are places that will not listen to reason, continue to support an industry illegal in the UK, and cause massive suffering to geese and ducks, and for a 'delicacy'.

It is clear that there are places that have no limits to what they will place on the menu.

Activists arrested for robbery of a chicken from sun valley have case dropped

Two activists that where arrested in connection with the theft of a live chicken from the Sun Valley Foods slaughterhouse in Hereford were today told the police would be taking no further action against them.

One of the activists was arrested whilst leaving the site whilst the other, who was acussed of actually removing the chicken, voluntarily attended the police station at a mutual date.

Unlock the labs, lock up the trolleys! Boycott Proctor and Gamble Day Protest

Unlock the labs, lock up the trolleys! Members of Animal Rights Cambridge marks Global Day of Action against P&G!

Boycott Proctor and Gamble Day Action XII 2008 Cambridge: Outside Tesco after unlocking the trolley

Battery farm raided by the ALF

Liberated chickenMay 07, 2008

"With the fire of vengeance in our souls, and the love angels in our hearts we cast the first stone against an intensive Somerset battery farm, and carried 153 hens to freedom.

Liberation's crusade's begun.
Animal Liberation Front"

Stuck for something to do!? Uninspired & lacklustre..? The all new singing dancing EF!AU is here to lift your spirits

EF! crossed tools 1As if putting the boot into the genetics industry, filling empty spaces with joy & creativity, and fooling the fossil-heads wasn't enough, people have been busy washing lumps of coal and covering themselves with paint...we kid you not...all in aid of halting the trashing of the planet!

Parliaments have been climbed, airport terminals flash(mobb)ed, fields & various other sites occupied, building stormed & blockaded, pipelines blockaded & destroyed...

Newcastle community green festival FREE 7/8 june

The uk's largest free environmental event, Newcastle community green festival 7/8 june 12pm till 6pm(after parties across the city). Come to beautiful leases park right in the centre of Newcastle and enjoy two days of music, dance and green workshops.

Bath Bomb #10 Out Now

The monthly outpoured bile of Bath's idealists and misanthrope's reaches double figures...

The Bath Bomb
Issue #10
May 08

Shock As 200 Shoppers Freeze Solid In Town Centre!

Antispe dismantle barrier clips at Novartis march + video

Antispeciesist Action: AntispeBarrier clips from Novartis march: Barrier clipsAntispe:

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