animal rights/liberation

animal rights/liberation

Telmex phone booths sabotaged in Mexico City

Communiques from the 96 phone booths sabotaged in four separate actions by the eco-anarchist cell for direct attack, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature (LCDNS);

Bath Bomb #16 out now

The Bath Bomb
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Issue #16
Nov 08

Because now it's okay to love America

We Won’t Pay For Their Crisis

More careers fair antics - Cambridge, Birmingham, Oxford - update: RBS & e.on no-shows

Make a living not a killing bannersUpdate: RBS didn't turn up to a Cambridge careers fair and e.on have given a few a miss now - keep on going folks, there'll be lots of other murderous companies coming your way...


Careering Downwards, courtesy of Cambridge University!

Fighting Climate Crime - Activists Lock Down Logging for Dairy Operation in New Zealand

Dairy logging NZ lock-on29 October 2008
Early this morning Greenpeace activists took action to stop corporate dairy’s assault on New Zealand forests and the climate.

In the central North Island huge swathes of forest are being cleared to make way for industrial dairy mega farms.

World Anti Mcdonalds Day

McDonalds World Food Day protest CambridgeMcCruelty: “We’re not lov’in it” – Cambridge

World Food Day

Rich pig eats poorOctober 16th, World Food Day is also the 23rd International Day of Action Against McDonalds, once again to be marked by Veggies in Nottingham, this year with a Vegan Free Food Giveaway at Exchange Walk, and in London by Vegan Campaigns with a protest at Regents Street.

Fight Speciesism! #5 - Out Now

Fight Speciesism! #5 - Out NowOctober issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.

1000+ partridges liberated from game breeder

1000+ partridges liberated from game breeder1000+ partridges liberated from game breeder"During a night in September, a group of liberationists set out to locate and destroy a large scale game breeder in East Sussex.

Foie Gras Restaurant Attacked in Solidarity with Climate Camp & Pheasant Shoot Sabotaged

Climate camp penknife"The Devonshire Arms in Bolton Abbey is notorious for its persistent use of foie gras and other 'delicacies' that require animals to suffer acutely. This time the posh Devonshire landrover had its four tyres slashed and was treated to some paint stripper.

Direct actions by people from the Camp for Climate Action

No New Coal bannerClimate activists at Longannet call for closure date
One-night mini Scottish camp outside UK's dirtiest power station. SNP Government urged to set early closure date for plant and guarantee green jobs for coal workers in the growing renewables revolution.

Free Food Give Away - 31st July 2008 - Nottingham

Nottingham free food 1The Nottingham Animal Rights crew take great tasting vegan food to the masses and get the facts out about McDonalds.

Spirit of Freedom (August 2008)


"The whole experience has been tough, but all the kind and strengthening words
and wise thoughts from strangers made it much easier!" (Former Swedish Animal Rights Prisoner)